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City of Kingman used as the setting for a first installment of new Zombie Trilogy

Kingman based author pens a new take on the zombie genre and uses the small town he’s fell in love with as the backdrop for the fictional carnage.

Kingman, Arizona – September 2011 –

Kingman resident author Michael Esser is fairly new to small city living having come from a lifetime in Las Vegas, Nevada. But the simple life has obviously been inspiring as he has just finished the first installment of his new zombie trilogy titled, “The Deadz.” Most of the book has been based in and around the towns downtown area, train yard, and the famous Route 66.

“It’s that separated from the big city feeling that inspired me to write in this setting. I had always wanted to mesh the different types of zombies I’d seen in the past into one story and Kingman felt like it had just the right amount of isolation to be the place for my first chapter to be set.”

The book revolves around an international race to create a cure-all that when it fails results in the creation of different versions of the familiar undead. The Russians create the slow, methodical, and impossible to kill “crawlers”, while the Chinese formula creates the fast and fierce “runners”, and the final intelligent abomination is created by the joint efforts of the European-Japanese Coalition and are nicknamed, “talkers.”

When the U.S. doesn’t produce any “deadz” because they haven’t gone to human testing the paranoia of those involved decide that America is hiding the cure. They attack America by shipping all of their “deadz” to America with the plan to use our railroad system as their distribution channel. First stop, Kingman, Arizona.

“I’ve really fallen in love with the quieter lifestyle I get to live in Kingman.” Michael says adding, “I’ve even planned to base my next monster story series out in the deserts of Arizona because of this. Only next time I’m attacking werewolf.”

About the Author

Michael E. Esser was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. He started writing professionally as a film critic and copywriter. Recently he has begun freelancing for various online magazines and corporations. His original work includes several nonfiction business manuals, a real estate marketing book, two fictional short stories that have been published as ebooks, and 2011’s “Love’s Not Real” a paperback novel written as a sort of throwback to a Twilight Zone episode. He’s just finished the first installment of his zombie trilogy “The Deadz” with its sequel “The Deadz: Vegas Apocalypse” Due out in mid 2012.

For more information about The Deadz, please visit TheDeadz.com or contact Michael Esser directly at (928) 279-2865 or Mike702Esser@gmail.com OR TheDeadz@inbox.com.



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