THE DEADZ SUGGESTZ: “10 Classic Books All Teens Should Read”

17 May

As a writer, I have an inherent desire to support any effort that encourages young – and old – readers to fall in love with reading.

But, when I was approached Paul Taylor at about sharing their “10 Classic Books All Teens Should Read” post, I saw an opportunity to plant a seed.

You see if you checkout their post and find a certified classic book that sparks your interest or maybe feel would be perfect for someone you know, then one reader has been encouraged. But, if those readers happen to be babysitters who are sharing their new found tales with those kids they’re babysitting, then there is a whole new layer of readers being brought into the fold.


  1. Visit:
  2. Pick a book for yourself AND a teen you know.
  3. Encourage them to read AND share it with someone younger than them.

Also, if you or your young readers aspire to be an author and would like someone to give them direction or advice, feel free to send your questions to me at: I pledge to help in anyway I can.

Alright, now get out there, read a classic, and get some culture!

Michael E. Esser


“The Deadz Trilogy/Rize of the Deadz, Loves Not Real, and the upcoming Boys of Youngstown”

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