February 11th, 2013: Walking Dead Returns and Warm Bodies in this weekz Daily Deadz

11 Feb

warm bodies

In this – the newest form of zombie public relations – we rundown this weekz top ‘zombie’ themed storiez and newz from around the globe and call it, ‘The Daily Deadz.’

The idea behind this madness is to bring everything together so that you can devour it all at your convenience throughout the week. Alright, let’s get to it Dead-headz.

In this weekz Daily Deadz we’ve got…

NUMBER SE7EN: Watch! ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Governor Bit by ‘Zombie’

Watch! ‘The Walking Dead’s’ Governor Bit by ‘Zombie’. February 10, 2013 Television. David Morrissey, who plays the charismatic and ruthless “governor” on “The Walking Dead” better watch out, because there’s a zombie loose at The Grove’s Mixology 101!(Click to continue reading.)

NUMBER S6X: Zombie event has a new lease on life

A Fort Myers event that scares up thousands of the walking dead has a new lease on life. Fans of Zombicon were worried financial problems and unpaid bills would end the night of thrills and chills.(Click to continue reading.)

NUMBER 5IVE: How much is that zombie in the window?

It’s the shop with the chemical zombie rising out of a bucket in the front window. “Plan A is what you’re doing every day right now, like going to work,” said Moench, 38.(Click to continue reading.)


NUMBER FO4R: Tech for Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies. No power. No internet. Your worst fears realized. Take a deep breath and find comfort in the fact that these gadgets can make all difference between staying alive and unwittingly joining the phalanx of the ravenous undead lurking outside.(Click to continue reading.)

NUMBER THR3E: Exploring zombie consciousness

We can establish – as we largely have done already – which parts of the human brain are critical for the kinds of consciousness that we have and see if they are intact in a zombie,” says Daniel Bor, a scientist at the University of Sussex’s Sackler …(Click to continue reading.)

NUMBER 2WO: Shoot Zombies With Words in Zombie Typomaniac HD

All you need to survive the zombie apocalypse are fast fingers and a grasp of the alphabet. One would think we’d seen every possible variation of the zombie apocalypse, but like the undead themselves, they just won’t stop coming. Perhaps the most …(Click to continue reading.)


NUMBER 1NE: Levine’s film shows romance is undead

In Jonathan Levine’s post-apocalyptic romantic comedy based on the blackly humorous book by Isaac Marion, it’s certainly a little cross-eyed as a feisty teenager sparks an unexpected attraction to a zombie. Warm Bodies is a refreshing twist on Romeo And … (Click to continue reading.)

What was your

favorite ‘zombie-themed’

story of the week?

(Try leaving your creative comments in the section below!)

We’ll be back Next Week with

more of the happenings in the

pre-post-apocalyptic zombie world.

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– Michael E. Esser

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I’m such a geek…

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