January 28th, 2013: A lot of “Warm Bodies” and a “Zombie” Teddy Bear in this weekz Daily Deadz

28 Jan

In this weekz Daily Deadz we’ve got Four newz pickz on the list involving the new zombie flick Warm Bodies, an NFL star appears on the Walking Dead, some zombie mind thevery, and the new, kind-of-cute-mostly-gruesome teddy bear collection from UndeadTeds.com

In this – the newest form of zombie public relations – we rundown this weekz top ‘zombie’ themed storiez and newz from around the globe and call it, ‘The Daily Deadz.’

The idea behind this madness is to bring everything together so that you can devour it all at your convenience throughout the week.

Alright, let’s get to the friggin’ newz…


7. Rob Corddry’s Method zombie acting tips: never break character, never pee

In the upcoming film Warm Bodies, based on Isaac Marion’s sorta-Twilight-y young-adult novel about a kinda-romance between a human girl and a zombie boy, comedian Rob Corddry plays the zombie-boys best friend and eventual partner in revolution, a zombie only known as M. In the film, Corddry takes the role relatively seriously, with dead eyes, mouth agape, and forehead furrowed with the difficulty of concentrating enough to produce a single word rather than a grunt.”


6. Hines Ward to appear as zombie on ‘Walking Dead’

Well, Hines Ward has looked better …

The former Steelers receiver is busy in his life’s second act: working as a sports commentator for NBC, cooking up wings on the Food Network and training for the Ironman world championships.

Somehow, he found time to play dead.”


5. Tim O’Shea: Zombies stole my mind

I miss the zombies. It’s been almost two months, and I miss their plodding gait, their gurgling moans and their unwavering quest for feasting on all things living. The Walking Dead, the greatest hour of zombie-themed televised entertainment in the history of the world, is in mid-season hiatus, not to return until February, and I can’t take the waiting.”


4. Zombie Teddy Bears: the Walking Ted

I personally didn’t think that anything could be worse than human zombies. Now I know better. Zombie teddy bears are truly terrifying. Just look at this demented bear. He wants your brains. Even a head-shot won’t kill him, because his head is just full of stuffing.”


3. Media Blasters Promises Release of Latest Noboru Iguchi Zombie Movie

Whether it’Squid Girl season 2 or Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, there’s a good chance that you’re waiting for some anime release from Media Blasters. Well, they don’t have anything new to say about those. Instead, their latest Facebook communication relates plans to release Noboru Iguchi’s (Machine GirlZombie Ass. The gross out horror comedy is expected from their Tokyo Shock label in 2013, possibly the July/August time frame.”


2. The Right Tone for a Sensitive Zombie

How many scars should line the faces of the undead? How blue (or purple or pale) should their lips and skin be? How much blood is too much blood? These and many other questions can plague filmmakers who tackle the zombie movie genre, and when that zombie movie is also a romantic comedy, the questions get all the more complicated.”


1. ‘Warm Bodies': Nicholas Hoult on His ‘Zombie Shuffle’ and Eating Tina Turner’s …

Summit Entertainment’s newest Zombie filled rom-com, Warm Bodies, is creeping into theaters next weekend and if this is what the post-apocalypic world looks like, then sign us up! Nicholas Hoult takes on the leading role of R, a teenage zombie dealing with the perils of living in the aftermath of an undead epidemic.”


What was your

favorite ‘zombie-themed’

story of the week?

(Try leaving your creative comments in the section below!)

We’ll be back Next Weekwith

more of the happenings in the

pre-post-apocalyptic zombie world.

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– Michael E. Esser

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