PART FIVE: “My View on Plotting”, A Deadz SPECIAL Guest Post By Author Monique Morgan

7 Nov
A Deadz SPECIAL Guest Post By Author Monique Morgan

A Deadz SPECIAL Guest Post By Author Monique Morgan

There are many that debate about plotting out a story versus just writing by the seat of your pants. I love spontaneous feelings, and my writing is just the same. But that doesn’t necessarily make me one way or another.

I know three things before I begin writing, I know how the story will begin, main points it needs to hit, and the conclusion that will end out the book. Although I have these, they are not set in stone and it’s really the story itself that makes each turn.

I like to write while creating the story, leading each character towards this light at the end of the tunnel, where everything finally makes sense, or doesn’t. I think my best writing comes when I am in the heat of the moment, feeling each experience for the first time as the story unfolds.

Rise of the Infected was one of those books that directed itself. I knew generally where the story was going but it was the characters themselves that created where the story would officially end. The story ends with high passion that I don’t think would have been there if it had been planned.

Plotting out main themes is a wonderful idea, but I think writing form the heart is never wrong.

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