PART FOUR: “First vs. Third Person”, A Deadz SPECIAL Guest Post By Author Monique Morgan

6 Nov
A Deadz SPECIAL Guest Post By Author Monique Morgan

A Deadz SPECIAL Guest Post By Author Monique Morgan

Rise of the Infected is different from the Alwahi series in more ways than one, but a major difference is that it was written in first person. I didn’t plan it this way, that’s just how it began to be written.

As I got further and further into both of the stories I began to figure out why. The Alwahi series is really big on fantasy, there is an entire new world that needs to be described for the minds of the reader, and third person worked wonderfully for me.

But Rise, was different. Although there was quite a bit of world building here as well, the story is more about the main character. With the Alwahi Series it was about the world that the characters had been essentially dropped into, but with Rise it was about the character interacting with an extraordinary world.

There is also a lot more tension in Rise. Pursuer has a dark side as well, as does Dreamer, but there is never the continuous nail biting tension that Rise has. The first person viewpoint allowed me to make it feel more personal, and more unnerving.

I know that some people enjoy reading in one form more than the other, but writing in them made me realize that different stories sometimes need to be written in different ways, and focusing on one type can mean missing out on some great fun!

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