Free Halloween ‘Plants vs. Zombie’ coupons in today’z Deadz

23 Oct
FREE 'Plants vs. Zombies' Coupons!

FREE ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ Coupons!

In today’s Daily Deadz we’ve got FREE Plants vs. Zombie coupons for Halloween, Zombie Cockroaches, and Business Insiders pick for best iOS/Android Zombie games. Then, a Zombie Law has got more bite than expected and are you ready for October, the official Zombie Awareness month.

In this – the newest form of zombie public relations – we rundown today’z top ‘zombie’ themed storiez and newz from around the globe and call it, ‘The Daily Deadz.’

The idea behind this madness is to bring everything together so that you can devour it all at your convenience throughout the day.

Alright, let’s dive right in…

5. Joystiq announces: Free Plants vs. Zombies at … your dentist’s office

Zombies instead of candy on Halloween? That’s exactly what the American Dental Association is doing with the “Stop Zombie Mouth” campaign. PopCap is giving away a ton of PC and Mac copies of the tooth-friendly game for adults to give this Halloween.” Read more>>>

(Parents can pick up FREE redeemable coupons for giving away on Halloween by visiting HERE.)

'Walking Dead' zombie girl

‘Walking Dead’ zombie girl

'Zombie' Robo-roach

‘Zombie’ Robo-roach

4. Technabob writes: Scientists Creating Remote-Controlled Zombie Cockroaches

It sounds crazy, but when you think about it, cockroaches can get into all kinds of small places that people can’t go. Heck they can even survive a nuclear blast, or so I’ve heard.Read more>>>


(CLICK TO CONTINUE >>> Because we’ve still got the TOP 3 PICKS!!!>>>Best iOS/Android Zombie games, Zombie Law, prepare for October, the official Zombie Awareness month.)

'Zombie' Law?

‘Zombie’ Law?

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