Two NEW ‘Deadz’ Announced and Author’s New SteamPUNK Project…

15 Oct


On October 15th, 2012 “The Deadz” series author Michael E. Esser announced that his zombie series that started its journey in the small town of Kingman, Arizona, migrated to see the end of Las Vegas, and then across the country leaving a bloody trail of conspiracy in its path, has been extended.

“I was finishing the third installment titled, “The Deadz Won’t Rize” which I had planned to be the last of the trilogy, when something clicked.” Michael added, “I instantly decided to hold off on pushing for this third one to be released in time for Halloween 2012.”

The reason for the abrupt halt is that the author has hit upon some additional inspiration and has mapped out two additional story lines for his series and he wants to be sure that these additional story lines line up with the rest of the series.

“I’m tentatively calling the fourth installment, ‘Overlandz’ and the fifth, ‘Tribe of the Deadz’.”

The author says that his third book will be out for the new year with the fourth one coming in late 2013 and the fifth sometime in 2014.


Author Michael E. Esser has announced that he is again diversifying his ‘genre’ resume and venturing from the ‘living dead’ to pursue some of his other story ideas. The first of which being a Sci-Fi/Steampunk story set in Los Angeles in the late 1800’s called, “Animus.”

“Animus is very much a twisted tale in the vein of something Twilight Zone/War of the Worlds/Shutter Island.” Michael adds.

Here’s the first teaser graphic:



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