Homeland Security warns of zombies and the dead feed living

7 Sep


'Z' by Michael E. Esser

‘Z’ by Michael E. Esser

In today’s Daily Deadz we’ve got the dead feeding the living for once, a growing horde of undead dancers in Flint, and THE BEST READ OF THE MONTH SO FAR…a guy worries about how his girlfriend would handle herself during a zombie attack! Then, we check in again with ‘Alice’ in zombie-land and Homeland Security warning us about a coming ‘zombie’ apocalypse.

In this, the newest form of zombie public relations, we rundown all of today’z top zombie-related newz and themed storiez from around the globe and call it The Daily Deadz.

Now, you can devour it all at your own convenience without having to scour the streets for your zombie meat – I mean newz – like the savages.

That’s enough brain slurpin’, let’s get to it…

5. South Bend Tribune writes: Zombies plan feeding frenzy in Howard Park

The dead feeding the living,” Wicked Jester Entertainment CEO Opal Bufford says, describing the company’s fourth annual Zombie Walk to benefit the Food Bank of Northern Indiana. Who needs Halloween when you’re in the business of haunting…?”Read more>>>





4. MLive.com reports: Zombie horde continues to grow in Genesee County

Erin Bolton, of Flint, gives her best zombie impression while dancing in the first rehearsal for the “Thriller” performance at the Kearsley Park Pavilion, set to take place during the Zombie Walk, in Flint, Mich. on Sunday.”Read more>>>

Do the 'Zombie Walk'

Do the ‘Zombie Walk’


(CLICK TO CONTINUE >>> Because we’ve still got the TOP 3 PICKS!!!>>> THE BEST READ OF THE MONTH SO FAR…’How would your girlfriend handle herself during a zombie attack?’ PLUS, ‘Alice’ in zombie-land and a zombie apocalypse warning from Homeland Security. )


'Alice' in Zombie-land...get it?

‘Alice’ in Zombie-land…get it?

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