‘Top Zombie Newz and Nonsenze’ presented by The Daily Deadz

17 Jul
"Bite Me?"

“Bite Me?”

In today’s Daily Deadz we’ve got news the Miami zombie knew his victim, the zombie classic “Re-Animator” hits the stage, Rebellion’s got a new zombie game, then did you know they’re using zombies to teach science? And the ‘Zombie Prankster’ picks the wrong guy to do a follow up prank.

In this, the newest form of zombie public relations, I rundown the top zombie themed storiez and newz from around the globe and call it The Daily Deadz.

The idea behind the madness is to bring it all together for you to devour at your convenience throughout the day so you wouldn’t have to scour the streets for your zombie meat, I mean newz, like the savages.

Enough do-diddlin’, let’s get to it…


5. NBC’s WPTV reports today that: ‘Zombie’ Rudy Eugene and Ronald Poppo met before Miami ‘Causeway …

“Rudy Eugene, who was shot and killed by police, is accused of brutally attacking Ronald Poppo during Memorial Day Weekend. But according to new reports, this wasn’t the first time the two met.” - Susannah Bryan


'He knew him!'

‘He knew him!’

(They say these two met at a homeless shelter. This makes sense. Don’t they say that a majority of violent crimes take place between people that know each other?)

4. Wall Street Journal’s Richard Morgan writes: Movie-to-Musical Trend Goes Zombie

“It seemed like a no-brainer: reviving a zombie flick for the theater amid a pop-culture craze for all things undead. But bringing a musical adaptation of the 1985 cult classic “Re-Animator” to New York means entering a theater world crowded with resuscitated movies.-Richard Morgan


'Zombie Girlz Live on Stage?'

‘Zombie Girlz Live on Stage?’

(A zombie-themed stage play sounds awesome and one based on such a classic film as  “Re-Animator” could really be a hit. Make it interactive and hand out splash guards like at a Gallagher concert and we’re talking Tony’s.)

3. John Bedford at MoDojo report on: Rebellion’s new ‘Zombie HQ’ game

The origins and the future of the smash-hit zombie title.” - John Bedford

At the end of last month, we published our review of Zombie HQ. Since then, the game has reached the staggering milestone of one million downloads. We spoke to developer Rebellion about the creation of the game, future updates, and plans to port the title to Android devices.


'Zombie HQ'

‘Zombie HQ’

(You can Download Zombie HQ (iOS) and even the Zombie HQ Cheats and Tips.)


2. ScienceBlogs reports how professors are: Using zombies to teach science

The Zombie Apocalypse is coming. Will you be ready? University of Iowa epidemiologist Dr. Tara Smith will talk about how a zombie virus might spread and how you can prepare. Get a list of emergency supplies to go home and build your own zombie kit, just in case. Find out what to do when the zombies come from neuroscientist Dr. Greg Tinkler. As a last resort, if you can’t beat them, join them. Disguise yourself as a zombie and chow down on brrraaaaiiins, then go home and freak out your parents.” - Tara C. Smith


Pranksters 'Bit off more than they can chew!'

Pranksters ‘Bit off more than they can chew!’

(This should be made a mandatory method for teaching all middle school’s classes. Watch the nations GPA’s go through the roof! I really think this is one of the major things missing from the classroom, something relatable.)

1. Miami Sun Sentinel reports: Pranksters behind ‘zombie attack’ video meet their match

South Florida prank goes wrong, zombie attack video guy charged.”- Brett Clarkson and Ed Komenda

This time they picked the wrong guy to prank.

The guys behind the YouTube sensation “Miami Zombie Attack Prank!” found themselves getting attacked after an ill-advised attempt to punk a Boca Raton man went awry and the victim went ballistic on the two filmmakers.

And if getting chased and nearly beaten wasn’t enough for their troubles, one of the pranksters was jailed for 20 hours and now faces a felony bomb hoax charge.


That’s it for today Deadz-Headz.

What was your favorite ‘zombie-themed’ story of the day? Leave you creative comments in the section below!

As always, thankz for reading and I hope to see you Monday through Friday as I bring you more of the happenings in the pre-post-apocalyptic zombie world.

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GRrrrrrrr! –

Michael E. Esser


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